3 Reasons Not to Quit MailChimp

3 Reasons Not to Quit MailChimp

“My lists are a mess.”
“I can’t do automations.”
“Ugh—how do I get my new gift to people?”
“I know I’m supposed to be tracking where people are coming from, but how?”

I’m done with MailChimp.

Hold on, there. Quitting MailChimp may feel like the answer to your problems or at least a fresh start, but will it really make life easier?

What if instead of switching tools, you learned to use the one you have properly?

I know what happens when you switch away from MailChimp without really thinking it through—and how you can manage MailChimp like a pro. So before you dash off and ditch MailChimp, let’s talk about this. Maybe quitting isn’t your answer.

It’s a Pain in the Butt to Switch from MailChimp

Where is MailChimp integrated into your site? There’s that opt-in you set up in the sidebar and oh, the landing page for that free webinar you’re doing. Anything else? Are you sure? If you’re using it right, MailChimp is embedded throughout your website (because there is so much you can do with it.)

Often MailChimp is embedded in more places than you realize (or remember). Does that mean you should never make a switch? Of course not. It does mean you shouldn’t make a switch lightly or without a plan.

Quitting MailChimp isn’t as easy as opening an account with a new email marketing service. It may be a fresh start, but it isn’t a clean slate.

You Already Know (Kinda) How to Use MailChimp

Yes, I hear you—you don’t know how to use it properly. You can’t figure out how to set up a course without a set start time or get your opt-in automated properly. But you know the basics. You’ve figured out how to set up one opt-in. You’d like to fine-tune the process, but you’ve got the basics. You’ve got a list (or lists). But it isn’t working the way you think it should.

Enter a new shiny object—a tool that promises to do all the things you can’t do with MailChimp. Wait a minute—can’t or don’t know how? There’s a difference. And you know what, you don’t know how to do them with a new service either. Either way you’ve got a learning curve, but with MailChimp you start knowing the basics.

You Can Do That with MailChimp

Want to manage one list? Need to track who is subscribing—and when and where and how? Wish you could segment your list and so that you could send super targeted campaigns? You can do that with MailChimp.

Instead of multiple lists, shift to Groups and Segments. Then use a form builder like Gravity Forms to deliver unique opt-ins instantly and funnel subscribers to Groups. Yes, you can use groups and segments to avoid paying twice (or more) for subscribers.

Want to integrate MailChimp with your shopping cart? Set up an automated course? Use multiple sign up gifts? You can do that with MailChimp.

You can get rid of the pesky double opt-ins, send as many unique opt-in gifts as you like—and still keep one list.

But there’s more. Did you know you could:

  • Send a follow-up after someone buys a product
  • Exclude customers from receiving pitch emails
  • Automate your entire email funnel
  • Automate webinars notices

And those are just a few examples. All of this is a snap with Gravity Forms—and a little instruction. Give MailChimp a little more time—see what you can do with it.

You don’t need a new tool. You need to know how to use the one you have.

Ready to learn to use MailChimp properly?

MailChimp Masterclass to the rescue.

You’ll learn to:

  • Discover how to manage just one list in MailChimp
  • Identify exactly how many subscribers you have
  • Reduce your costs by not having duplicate subscribers
  • Track exactly where your subscribers signed up
  • Segment your list into who actively opens emails, and who doesn’t (and so much more)
  • Clean up your list to remove people who don’t open emails or buy from you
  • Create as many content upgrades as you like
  • Deliver the free opt-in gifts instantly – no double opt-in required
  • Know which products/services people purchased and send emails just to people who did – or didn’t – purchase
  • Create welcome email automations to nurture new subscribers and new customers
  • Construct automation campaigns to run evergreen courses
  • Trigger automation campaigns for a course with a specific start date

In just two weeks, you’ll see MailChimp as the marketing power tool you’ve been looking for—and you’ll know how to use it confidently.

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