ASAP Websites by Tall Poppies DesignASAP Websites by Tall Poppies Design

You can afford a strikingly beautiful, customized website, Pronto.

You don’t have to do it yourself.
You don’t have to learn any code.
You don’t need to invest your life savings.
And, it can be done quickly!

Before you know it, you’ll be the proud new parent of a gorgeous, fully-equipped website that will woo your clientele, and seduce the search engines. Are you ready for the world to take your business much more seriously?

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Here’s the gorgeous template we use:

We’ll customize it with your colors, fonts, pics, text, social media buttons, email newsletters etc. etc.!

ASAP Websites by Tall Poppies Design

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Check-out the gallery of websites for my 2015 “ASAP Website Package” Clients website design - Tall Poppies Design with Katy Martin: Digital Stategy, Website Design, WordPress Development (Thesis theme, WooCommerce, LearnDash, Wishlist Member, Popup Ally etc) - Website Design and Development by Katy Martin, (Wordpres website) - Website Design and Development by Katy Martin, (Wordpres website)tall-poppies-website-design-mockup-imagine2

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Historically, we’ve been trapped by these web design options:

One end of the spectrum: You could build it from the ground up. Get ready to spend countless hours watching mind-numbingly boring training videos. Prep yourself for wasting days searching the bowels of the web for answers to your weird and wacky coding questions.

…And, last time I checked, there were over 30,000 WordPress plugins. How the hell do you know which ones you need? Oh and did we mention that 29,000 of those plugins may cause the “white screen of death”

…And, you’re planning to tackle this all the while still trying to manage your business? Seriously. Who has time for that?!

The other end of the spectrum: Ready to hand over the reigns and your life savings? Hey, I’m not condemning completely custom designed websites (because I love creating these), it’s just that you just need a “simple” website, and an affordable one to boot. And yes, we know, you need it, like, yesterday!

There is another way… An ASAP Website:

We take out stunning WordPress template design. We do a little customization to embellish it with your unique flair – colors, fonts, and images. We add your pages, text, images, social media accounts, and email newsletter sign-up forms.

We install an assortment of tip-top plugins to make your website even more powerful, sharable, secure – and easy to use. You quickly walk away with a gorgeous new site that you can be proud of. A site that will showcase, in fact, “show-off” your products and/or services.

Oh, and one more thing! We also provide you with customized video training so you can confidently manage it happily ever after. It can bloom and grow with your blossoming, evolving business.

Katy was friendly, fast and extremely helpful and supportive!


A friend referred me to Katy because I loved her website design, and I decided to work with her because I had made a commitment to being more seen and heard in the world. This was my first website and I am not a techie! Katy supported me throughout the project to get it done! Katy was friendly, fast and extremely helpful and supportive! She provided rapid feedback to my questions, excellent service, and both detailed training videos and direct support to me.

Irene Carr

I was hugely impressed with how easy you made the process...


I was half way through Marie Forleo's B-School when I hired Tall Poppies and it meant I could get stuck into applying everything I was learning about online businesses in B-School straight away!

I went from no website to a having a gorgeous website that I am proud of, that clients say they love, and that now allows me to build in all my online programs, host my blog, and to really take my naturopathy and nutritional coaching business to the next level.

I was hugely impressed with how easy you made the process - and the fact that you have a whole training portal where I could learn how to make changes to my site myself was an added bonus and probably what eventually made me choose to hire Tall Poppies!

Katy made it super easy to learn the Wordpress so that I now feel totally comfortable making changes to pages, uploading blog posts, adding in forms, opt-ins and creating sales pages. I was a complete wordpress rookie before Katy, and now I at least feel I can try most things myself (and I know she's there to help on anything a little trickier)!

One more thing I love about the theme Katy used is that it is easy for us to build on down the track as my business and offerings grow.

Hayley Stathis

Our readership increased 10% over 3 months...

Victoria Kendzierski, "Our readership increased 10% over 3 months" - Working with Katy Martin at Tall Poppies Design

I needed to overhaul my website. I wanted to go in a completely different direction and Katy put my mind at ease that it could be done and be done right. Our readership increased 10% over 3 months and the feedback from viewers and subscribers has off the charts! I’m so proud of the site, and the compliments have flooded in. And the site is so easy to update! Katy has been my guardian angel through this transition and I couldn't have done it without her.

Victoria Kendzierski
Sports Divas Inc.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You’re starting from scratch: You’re exhilarated by your blossoming business and desperately need a brand new website, but frankly, you don’t know where to start. Domains? Hosting? Hackers? Is it wine-o’clock already?

Perhaps you’ve got an inbox full of quotes to build a new website but the prices and promises are like apples and oranges. You know you get what you pay for, but what you’re going to get is as clear as mud.

Your’re stuck in the dark ages: Once-upon-a-time, someone built a website for you. The used-by-date came and went so long ago that you blush to admit the url to anyone, and profusely apologize for the mess. It doesn’t represent who you are today, and what you are becoming.

Do you feel like your website – and therefore your business – is being held hostage by your web developer? Do you have to tap your rainy-day savings every time you need to make a change, and every month you write a check to your web pimp for… well… you’re not really sure what for?

DIY! OMG. WTF! You’ve thought about getting down and dirty with your website, and building it from scratch. Aren’t there plenty of quick and easy ‘How To’ online courses and ready-made WordPress themes? I mean, how hard could it be to find some more time in your 24/7 life?

Perhaps you’ve tried. (Give yourself a pat on the back!) …But…. Level 101 already feels overwhelming and intimidating. Not to mention that the video instructor is putting you to sleep. Zzz.

You thought that WordPress with a plug n’ play Theme would be easy. You were promised that you could just drag n’ drop, and in minutes, “Voila!!!” your new website would be ready and raring to go. Now you’re staring blankly at the screen trying to decide which button to push next.

P.S. the clock is ticking. You need that website up-and-running, like, yesterday! Did those proposals mention that it’s going to take at 3-6 months before your new site goes live? Tick. Tock.

Here’s a better idea:

  1. We’ll discover your favorite fonts, and color palette.
  2. Provide us with some text, your email newsletter details, and social media accounts.
  3. Voila! We’ll whip up a brand new custom website, ready and raring to go. Pronto.

Schedule of Events:

  • Secure your spot with a credit card payment
  • Submit your content and social media accounts
  • Get ready to pop the Champagne cork when your new site goes live!
All this for just $2240

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The Nitty Gritty:

We’ll build these pages for you:

  1. Home (view the demo)
  2. About (view the demo)
  3. Services
  4. Testimonials (view the demo)
  5. Blog – with 3 preliminary posts (view the demo)
  6. Contact (view the demo)
  7. Sales page / Lead page / Landing page (whatever you want to call it) (view demo 1, demo 2, demo 3)

You can actually have ANY page name and ANY tab name you like. After we launch, you can add, subtract, and customize these pages to your heart’s content. We’re just laying the groundwork for you.

+ Bonus bells and whistles:

  • Email newsletter sign-up forms linked to your accounts
  • Polite pop-up forms
  • Social media buttons so people can follow you
  • Social sharing buttons at the end of each blog post
  • Automatic ‘related posts’ links at the end of blog posts
  • Heading 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 design so you can customize your pages and blog posts with the same typography every time. Plus printable PDF style sheet to refer to colors, fonts and styles. (Check out this example)
  • Custom buttons (infact, we make your ‘heading 6’ and instant button. Take a look at the ‘heading 6 link’ on this page).
  • Favicon: That cute little square image you see next to the URL at the top of your browser
  • Google Analytics tracking code installed
  • Printer friendly design

+ Optional bells and whistles that you can use or lose

  • Drop-down menus
  • Photo galleries
  • Slideshows
  • Testimonials
  • Press Testimonials

+ Conversion bells and whistles

  • Email newsletter sign-up forms throughout the site
  • Polite pop-up form that shows up after a few seconds, or when your customers are intending to leave your site
  • Custom sales landing page (also known as lead pages)
  • ‘Follow me’ social media account buttons
  • ‘Share me’ social media buttons for blog articles
  • Special announcement banner across the top of your site (which can be turned on/off by you at any time)
  • Editable slideshow so you can update your promotions

+ SEO bells and whistles

  • SEO Friendly post and page titles
  • SEO Friendly URLs Custom title tags for pages and blog post articles
  • Meta description fields
  • SEO friendly images
  • Pinterest ready images
  • Social sharing buttons for pages and posts
  • Local business SEO content
  • Google Authorship set-up Automatic
  • XML Sitemap
  • Google webmaster tools set-up

+ Security bells and whistles:

  • Secure logins
  • Unauthorized login attempts automatically blocked and jailed for 60 days
  • See ‘TLC Maintenance‘ package below for total peace of mind

+ Training:

You’ll have access to a library of short n’ sweet custom training videos to show you how to D.I.Y – only what you need to know. No cryptic coding necessary! No stress. Get ready to go behind the scenes to learn how to nurture, nourish and keep your website alive and singing.

All this for just $2240

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What WordPress Theme do you use?

All of these sites are built with the Thesis 2 theme by (Valued at $89, included in this package). This theme is essentially a blank canvas that can be customized to look however we want. It is used by 1000s and 1000s of websites and is constantly being upgraded and tweaked to meet the ever-evolving web development and SEO trends – and security.

When you choose one-off themes by random developers, the technology behind the sites quickly becomes outdated as soon as WordPress is updated (every couple of months)! The developers get bored, or go broke, and abandon maintaining the themes. By developing your site on a premium, reputable theme with a band of saavy web developers behind it 24/7, you are ensuring your website stays happy and healthy for a long time.

Will the website work on mobile devices?

Absolutely!! Better yet, it will fluidly morph to every browser and mobile device size so it is easy to read. In other words, the website templates are all ‘responsive’ so they automatically scale to fit the of infinite screen sizes – no matter if you’re a Mac or a PC, an Android or iphone, a Kindle or a Kobo! Responsive websites are critical in a world where we are all addicted to our i-devices, and Google has reinforced this fact by giving responsive sites an SEO boost over non-responsive sites.

I don’t have a domain name, or a host?

No problem. I recommend you purchase your domain and/or hosting at They are more than 100% wind-powered, and they have great customer service. Pop over to GreenGeeks and purchase your hosting. (I recommend you buy it for at least 2 years). You’ll get a free domain name with your hosting (if you want it). After you purchase, we’ll take care of the rest of the set-up.

I don’t have a logo. Do I need one before I buy?

No. We have designed these templates so that they use beautiful fonts for the site title. We will update the title with your business name.

I have a logo. Can you use it instead of the site title?

Absolutely! We will replace the site title with your logo, and will also match the colors in the site to your logo.

Can you use my special fonts?

Maybe. The fonts have to be web-safe font files. If you don’t already have the web versions of your fonts, you may have to purchase them from If you do have (or are prepared to buy) your web fonts, we are more than happy to add them to your site.

I DON’T have any images. Will my site be bare of images?

Never fear. Shutterstock is here! We’ll source of images from Shutterstock to match your brand. We charge a little extra for sourcing the images. Just choose the ‘Image package’ that suits you when you get ready to pay.

I DO have images. Can you use them?

Yes! Perfect! We’d love love love to use your one-of-a-kind touches on the site. We’ll even color-correct them to match the style of new brand spanking new website.

How many images will you add to each page?

Each one of our website designs have a special place for a featured image in every page and post. So, we will add one image to each of the 5 template pages, and 3 blog posts.

Can I change the names of the navigation menu pages?

Yes. All tabs you see in the demo installation are just examples. You can have ANY page name and ANY tab name you like. In the future you are also able to easily change them yourself – and I’ll show you how in the Tall Poppies in Training videos.

I suck at writing! What should I do about my page content?

Now, now, don’t be so hard on yourself. That said we don’t want any part of this to feel hard so we recommend some incredible copywriters to help you.

What if my text is not ready when you are ready to launch?

Tut tut. We do need to abide by our deadline, and must have your text submitted one week prior to our project start date (which you will lock-in when you sign-up). If you don’t have your text in time, no problem. We will insert some ‘lorem ipsum’ as a placeholder, and then you can update the text in your own time. And don’t worry, we have videos to show you how to update your pages and posts. Your website will have a custom ‘coming soon’ page which you can leave up until you are ready to open the doors to your website and let the world waltz in! You literally click one button to make your site public! Too easy.

I already have a WordPress website. Can my old content transfer over to my new website?

Yes! For $49 we can transfer all your old pages and posts from another WordPress or Blogspot blog. They will even have the same URLs so people don’t lose their way when they look for your old pages. However, we will not format your old blog posts to match your new design. Your old blog post images and headlines may not look as incredible in the new site and may need a little TLC. We’ll leave that to you (with the help of our how-to videos, of course).

I have another website (but it’s not WordPress). Can you transfer my old content to my new website?

For $49, we will copy the text from 5 of your old pages to your new website. If you have a LOT more pages, we’ll recommend someone that you can contract to help you copy+paste the old content to your new site.

I have a live website. Can you replace the old one with the new look?

Possibly, yes. Let’s chat about the details and what content and features you need to keep, and what you need to ditch. There may be an additional fee to apply these new designs to your old site. It get’s complicated, so let’s have a heart to heart about it.

I have TONS of testimonials and press mentions. Can you add them all?

We’ll add 3 testimonials, and then we’ll show you how to add the rest. We use a fab tool that helps you add unlimited testimonials that will all be laid out identically. No need to mess with any confusing code!

Do you customize the template designs? Absolutely!

If you want something a little more unique, but still affordable, we can modify anything. Please contact us to get a quote.

Do you do fully customized/unique design?

Oh, yes! Please visit my portfolio of work and contact me to chit-chat about the scope of your dream website.

Can I install additional plugins and use widgets?

Yes. After we hand the site over to you. But first we recommend you heed our warnings and proceed with care. For any problem a plugin or 3rd part widget may cause, we’ll ask you to contact to the plugin/widget developer. We are not responsible for any problems or conflicts this may cause to your blog or website.

Help! I don’t know how to use WordPress. I don’t even know how to crop a photo!

No problem. We have a library of short n’ sweet training videos to show you how to manage and update just about every part of your website. In fact, here’s how you get a sneak peak.

Can I remove the footer credit for Tall Poppies Design?

No. This is a violation of our creative rights and our policies. So, please, read our policies in full and make sure you agree with it 100% before purchasing any of our templates.

What other expenses can I expect to get started?

  • If you don’t have a domain name, and/or a hosting account, you can purchase one (or the other!) at for $4.95-7.95 per month.
  • We include the cost of your Thesis Theme for one year (value $89/year).
  • If you don’t have any images, you may want to budget for some images from Shutterstock: 5 Images $49; 25 Images $229.
  • We typically use Google Fonts which are free. If you have special fonts, you may need to purchase the webfont version from
  • If you hate writing content, you may want to budget for a copywriter. We’ll send you some recommendations!
  • If you have some extra special needs, and would like some custom design and/or tools, contact us for more info about pricing. Custom changes will be charged at $85/hour.
  • Please also check-out the TLC Maintenance package information below

How do you handle future website updates?

When you sign-up for our TLC Maintenance package (see below), you also get access to our discounted $65/hour rate for any future changes you’d like made to your site (unless they’re big enough to warrant a special project fee. In that event, contact us to chat). We don’t offer monthly ‘update my site’ plans at this time and prefer the à la cart only-when-you-need-help plan!

Many of the tools we use are premium and have annual fees tied to them. If you don’t opt-in to our TLC maintenance services, and want to use these cool tools you will need to purchase your own licenses after the first year (and we’ll contact you around the time they’re expiring). Here is a sampling of the premium tools we include in our ASAP website package:

  • Thesis theme (we cover the cost for the first year; $89/year)
  • Gravity Forms ($39/year)
  • ithemes plugin suite for slideshows ($150/year)
  • Popup Aly ($97/year)
  • And many more…

How do you handle website security?

For total peace of mind, we highly recommend you sign-up for our TLC Maintenance services. When you sign-up, we lock-down your site, take care of back-ups, monitor it to keep those nasty ninja hackers at bay, and we fix the site if, touch wood, your site does get hijacked.

You would need to sign-up for TLC Maintenance services before we launch your new site so that we can install the security systems before you open your doors to the world.

What if I don’t want your TLC Maintenance services?

If you want to take your website’s life (and therefore your business’s life) into your own hands, we applaud your bravado. Here are some options that we highly highly highly recommend for you to secure your site yourself. These are all included (and so much more) in our TLC Maintenance package (not counting all the hard-yakka, and super hero tech skills it takes to update plugins, WordPress etc):

  • Purchase our one-time lock-down for $349
  • Automate back-ups with the Backup Buddy plugin ($80/year)
  • ithemes Security Pro ($80/year)
  • Cloud storage for your backups such as ithemes Stash ($35/year)
  • And if your site gets hacked, budget a minimum of $250 for a repair

Eek! I’ve got more questions!

Fire away! Fill out our general contact form with any outstanding questions, or feel free to post them over at Facebook.

I’m sold, where do I sign up?

Super! Click the button below…

All this for just $2240

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