Behind-the-scenes of a Tall Poppies Design website: A sneak peak at Katy Martin's website design and development systems, and favorite Wordpress tools: WooCommerce, LearnDash, Thesis theme, and more.

Behind-the-scenes of a website designed by Tall Poppies:

Jennifer DeMaagd is a certified health coach and pilates teacher who believes that vibrant health is about how you eat, what you eat, and why you eat. She currently has three offerings: 1-1 coaching, the “Vibrant Life Plan” course, and pilates sessions showcased on her site, which I recently re-designed and launched.

Let’s take a look at her site, first because it’s simply lovely and vibrant visually. Second it uses three of my favorite tools: The Thesis Theme, Woo Commerce and the LearnDash course software plugin.

A little about these tools:

I build sites in WordPress, exclusively with the Thesis theme because it’s a totally blank canvas and we can create any beautiful, practical design we like.

Other themes may be beautiful, but not malleable. Every time a designer picks a new theme, they have to learn that developer’s language (and coding ticks). Because I’ve worked extensively with Thesis for several years, I know exactly what I can push, pull, and pick apart. I am totally and utterly in love with the flexibility and malleability of Thesis.

WooCommerce is my go-to e-commerce solution. It works for selling physical or digital products, courese, and even time slots—like booking a session with a client—and it will grow with your business. WooCommerce is reliable and able to be extended for whatever you need. It starts out as a free plugin, and you can optionally add plugins to it to make it do whatever you want. It can feature unique selling tools such as subscriptions and pay-what-you-want payments, affiliate systems, giftable products, coupon codes, flat-rate or live shipping, and so much more.

LearnDash is a learning management system (LMS), and it was ideal for setting up Jen’s Vibrant Life course. I love the flexibility and features of LearnDash. The user interface is simple for you to set up and sell new courses. It’s also fabulously logical for your students to navigate and can be optionally pimped out with quizzes, surveys and homework assignments! It powerfully integrates with WooCommerce and your email newsletter provider.

A few other tools I used in Jen’s site:

Taking the Next Step

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