Client Testimonials: How to Make Them Pop on Your Website

Client Testimonials: How to Make Them Pop on Your Website

Client testimonials don’t do any good sitting in a file on your computer. So once you get people saying great things about you, how do you show them off on your website?

Make them easy to find. Put client testimonials on a Praise page or set them off visually on other pages in your site. They’re particularly effective on sales pages and Work with Me pages but can really show up anywhere.

Get visual. Using a client’s picture or brief video adds to social proof. People tend to trust people they can see more. Another way to increase trust is to include full name, position, and company of the people saying nice things about you. Those details make the person seem more real and believable to most visitors.

Be specific. You want real clients talking about real, specific results. “Katy is the best” doesn’t cut it. Look at this example instead:

Set up a system to get great client testimonials. Then use a plug-in to make setting up testimonials on your site a snap.

Make Client Testimonials Pop on Your Website

You can find plenty of tools for testimonials. My current favorite is GC Testimonials. Although it hasn’t been updated for WordPress in some time, it still works like a charm. The updated testimonials plugin version is here, but the original is so simple, I’ve stuck with it.

With GC Testimonials, you can add, edit, delete, and add photos to a testimonial. You can choose how many to show and whether they should be static or cycle through. There’s even code for a submission form to streamline the process of getting testimonials and posting them.

So what do your testimonials look like?

Here’s how they look on my testimonial page (first image) and on a Mindful Life sales page (last image). I also use testimonial plugins for press pages…


Client Testimonials: How to Make Them Pop on Your Website testimonial-1

Client Testimonials: How to Make Them Pop on Your Website

As you can see, the look of the testimonials varies to match the brand. Ready to set your testimonials up so they pop?

Another tool that intrigues me is Thrive Ovation. What I love about this one is the feature to save social posts as testimonials. My partner and I constantly get amazing feedback for our Web Designer Beauty School in our private support school community. I have been saving these in Saved Articles … never return to them again. It’s time to stop that madness and start sharing that feedback to my site instantly. If you get social shout outs, look into Thrive Ovation.

How to Set Up Client Testimonials on Your Website

Show off the brilliant things your clients have said about you. It’s time to make your testimonials pop.  Setting up testimonials is fairly painless once you have your GC Testimonials plugin set up.

  • Simply Login and go to Testimonials. Choose Add New Testimonials. Hit Publish.
  • After you publish, Click “Testimonials / All Testimonials.”
  • Select and copy the Shortcode for that testimonial (or write it down)
  • Go to your page or post, and simply paste it into your text area. E.g.,
    Client Testimonials: How to Make Them Pop on Your Website

  • Now you have a beautifully formatted testimonial!

If you want to show 2, 3, or more testimonials at one time, you can! First give each of the testimonials a special category. Then go to Categories in the Testimonials menu, and copy+paste the shortcode for that category.

Want to see that in action? Grab my step-by-step video on adding client testimonials:

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