Thank you so much for filling out the Discovery Questionnaire

I look forward to pouring over your answers. I will also be in touch to arrange a time to chat so that we can cover any additional questions we both may have. I will then deliver a custom road-map and digital strategy proposal.

Next steps: Curate Inspiration…

I want to discover what makes you tick, or what ticks you off!

It’s never to early to start collecting some images that will inspire your website design.

Pop over to and create a new board. Name it anything you like, such as “<your business name> Website ideas”. You may also like to make it a secret board, which you can do when you create the board. You can invite me to collaborate on the board using

Please add a few images to this board that indicate some colors, font styles, patterns, graphics, and any other images you like. Feel free to pin features of websites, and/or actual websites that you love.

Tell me why you are pinning the image, and what you love about the image in the description field.

Here are some boards to find inspiration (but feel free to explore Pinterest to your heat’s content):

Then, share the board with me! Simply send an email to with the link to your new website inspiration board.