How Tall Poppies Design clients can build a lead page in a few minutes.

Create Brand New Lead Pages in 5 Minutes

Brand New Lead Pages in 5 Minutes by Tall Poppies Design (using WordPress and the Thesis theme)

I recently launched a lovely new personal site for the Heather Terry, the incredible entrepreneur and co-founder of NibMor chocolate, and soon-to-be published author of My Life In Chocolate: Honest-to-goodness business advice for women entrepreneurs. Here are some screen shots of the site: website design by Tall Poppies Design (

I get the greatest kick out of creating beautifully simple tools that empower my clients to really use their website to be the most powerful selling tool possible. In Heather’s site, one of these tools is: lead pages.

Lead pages, a.k.a landing pages, are pages in your site which have been modified, simplified and cleared of distraction in order to drive people to one task, such as to buy from you, or sign-up to your mailing list. Converting ‘lookers into bookers’ (as we used to say when I worked in marketing in the lodging industry) is top-priority!

Your customers access these pages via a link in an email, an online ad (such as in Facebook or Google), or perhaps by word-of-mouth, such as in Heather’s case, when you are a keynote speaker at a conference and tell the audience to visit your website and this particular special page to download something totally unique, and exclusive to this audience.

With WordPress and the Thesis 2 theme, I can create any number of stunning landing page templates for you to quickly apply to any page! You can customize the images and text, and never really touch a piece of code. Well almost never! I’ll show you how easy it is in the video…

Speaking of the video:

This is an example of a video that I create for clients, like Heather, who have these special lead page templates as part of their website design package. In a little over five minutes, I teach my clients (and you) how to create a new lead page that is tied to a unique list in MailChimp, with a unique background image, and whatever text you like!

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