How to set up Gravity Forms lead capture forms and sync with MailChimp

How to set up Gravity Forms lead capture forms and sync with MailChimp

I have written several posts explaining my love of marrying MailChimp and Gravity Forms to help run your business, and amp up your email marketing mastery. Rather than just talking it all up, let’s dive into a series of 5 short videos to walk you through the process of using Gravity Forms for your lead capture forms, and syncing it with MailChimp.

Before you start, you will of course, need to have set up an account with MailChimp, and created a list.

You need to have a WordPress website, with a business or developer licensed version of the Gravity Forms plugin installed. You need these paid licenses so you can also get all of the add-ons, specifically the MailChimp add-on. (“add-on” essentially means “plugin”). When Gravity Forms is installed, you can click on forms in your WordPress dashboard, and then Add-ons. Find the MailChimp add-on, and, well, add it! It will add it to your plugins page.

Below is a bonus video that shows you how to get an API key so that you can finish the set-up of the MailChimp add-on. The API key is necessary for Gravity Forms to know which MailChimp account to sync back and forth with.

Bonus Video: Where to get your MailChimp API key

Video No. 1: Setting up a lead capture form

Video No. 2: How to sync your Gravity Form with MailChimp Groups

Video No. 3: Gravity forms email notifications

Video No. 4: Gravity Forms Confirmations

Video No. 5: Inserting your form into a page, and testing it all out!

This video series does not cover MailChimp automation. I’m working on a new video series for that exact topic! In the meantime, check-out MailChimp’s resources on automation…