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Dana da Ponte approached Tall Poppies Design to create an ecommerce website to sell her courses, retreats, intuitive therapy and intuitive readings, and her artwork. Ultimately, we employed the power of WooCommerce to be able to sell not only physical products (i.e. her artworks), but to also sell products that required payment plans, unique taxes; aswell as services that needed to be booked into a specific time and date; and automatic enrollment in private course content.

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Learning how to manage and administer any software is always a challenge and I wanted to help Dana minimize the amount of programs she needed to master so that she would be supremely proficient and confident in her website. Furthermore, I wanted to automate and simplify as many of the systems as possible. For example, we could have created a button to buy an intuitive therapy session with Dana, and then asked Dana to manually email the new client and ask them to book an appointment via a tool like Calendly. However, with WooCommerce, we were able to install the Bookings Extension so that clients could book a time and date at the same time as booking. It automatically sends reminders to both Dana and the client, and therefore Dana’s administrative busy-work is radically reduced.

Similarly, we could have sold a course, and asked Dana to manually add the client to her course software and email newsletter manager, but that’s not how we roll at Tall Poppies! Instead, when a client buys a course (choosing to either pay-in-full or with monthly subscriptions), they are also automatically enrolled in a course (which uses the Wishlist Member software), and they gain immediate access to a private part of the website containing the course material.

Furthermore, all of these systems are integrated with MailChimp so that subscribers and customers are added unique groups in her list, and in turn, unique auto-responder emails are triggered.

I love her blend of creative genius, organization geek and marketing know how.


Katy is a master at bringing function to your web page in a way that maintains its beauty, and in a way that creates the optimal selling experience. Katy made many valuable suggestions to me regarding how information could be best presented to increase sales. I love her blend of creative genius, organization geek and marketing know how. I could have just received a website but Katy gave me an experience that enhanced my business.

The investment was a stretch for me, but I wanted to accomplish a lot with my website, so considering the amount of things I needed, and Katy's attention to detail, the effort, the care, the follow-through and the suggestions, tips and expertise... and so much more, I feel it was well worth it.

My imagination feels free to create whatever it wants to create because my website has a lot of different features and sales systems. It is extremely functional and as a highly creative person, I’m free to try different things and now I have an avenue to do that. I really feel like the sky is the limit and my business is free to grow.

And it's so pretty. I love that too! I feel like I'm presenting an image to the world that better represents who I really am. The design, style, and beauty of my site helps me to feel confident. I finally have a face for my business that represents me in a way that I want to be represented.

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