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I was hugely impressed with how easy you made the process...


I was half way through Marie Forleo's B-School when I hired Tall Poppies and it meant I could get stuck into applying everything I was learning about online businesses in B-School straight away!

I went from no website to a having a gorgeous website that I am proud of, that clients say they love, and that now allows me to build in all my online programs, host my blog, and to really take my naturopathy and nutritional coaching business to the next level.

I was hugely impressed with how easy you made the process - and the fact that you have a whole training portal where I could learn how to make changes to my site myself was an added bonus and probably what eventually made me choose to hire Tall Poppies!

Katy made it super easy to learn the Wordpress so that I now feel totally comfortable making changes to pages, uploading blog posts, adding in forms, opt-ins and creating sales pages. I was a complete wordpress rookie before Katy, and now I at least feel I can try most things myself (and I know she's there to help on anything a little trickier)!

One more thing I love about the theme Katy used is that it is easy for us to build on down the track as my business and offerings grow.

Hayley Stathis