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Swift Wellness & Healing logo design by TallPoppiesDesign.com (3 logos, color, black, gray)Swift Wellness & Healing business cards designed by TallPoppiesDesign.com, printed by Moo Cards (1 back, 5 fronts with quotes)

Katy made the seemingly impossible journey a beautiful, creative, fun, smooth process.


The first time I saw my new website, it took my breath away... I was stunned by how gorgeous it is, and how perfectly it represents what my practice is all about. It was just exactly what I had wanted, and then some!

Katy Martin is a uniquely talented, wildly creative and gifted artist, who has an uncanny knack of being able to translate your business and ideas into form, and make everything work beautifully.
The web of life, I get that… but the world wide web, as in www, not so much… I often feel I’m a lost and clueless traveler.  So the decision to create a website for my coaching and healing practice was a huge, scary leap into the unknown.

On the advice of a friend, and because I really liked the name, Tall Poppies, I called Katy.  Her friendliness, enthusiasm, and delightful Australian accent immediately put me at ease.  From the get go, Katy made the seemingly impossible journey a beautiful, creative, fun, smooth process.   She was supportive, encouraging, and able to really “get” exactly what I wanted to convey.

I LOVE my new website.

If you’re looking for an inspired and intuitive web designer with crazy tech savvy, you’re going to want Katy…in a field of gorgeous poppies, she’s the tallest one indeed!