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Let’s bring your business dreams to life, online!

I’m going to light the fire under your website so that you enchant and seduce everyone who stops – including Google!

With gorgeous mobile-device-ready design, intuitive composition, plenty of calls-to-action, and seductive Search Engine Optimization strategy, we’re going to foster a lifetime love affair between you and your customers – from their very first visit.


Imagine what it feels like to be head over heels in love with the outside – and the backside – of your website!

After launch, I’ll take you behind the scenes to teach you to nurture, nourish and keep your website alive and singing. You’ll have access to a library of short n’ sweet custom videos to show you how to D.I.Y – only what you need to know. No coding necessary! No stress.






Are we a match made in heaven?

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Tell me if this sounds familiar?

  • People ask for your website address and you blush to admit the URL. You offer it up coyly and profusely apologize for the mess. It doesn’t really represent who you are, afterall.
  • Do you feel as if your website – and therefore your business – is being held hostage by your web developer? Do you have to tap your life savings every time you need to make a change, and every month you write a check to your web pimp for… well… you’re not really sure what for.
  • You’ve thought about getting down and dirty with your website, and building it from scratch. Aren’t there plenty of quick and easy ‘How To’ online courses? How hard could it be to find some more time in your 24/7 life? So you dive in, and already level 101 feels overwhelming and intimidating.
  • You thought that WordPress or Blogger would be easy. The ads promised that you could just drag n’ drop, and in minutes, “voila” your new website would be ready and raring to go. Now you’re staring blankly at the screen trying to decide which button to push next.

We’ve been taken hostage by two extremes of web development:

  1. If you want control, you have to build it from the ground up yourself.
  2. If you want it to look good, you have to hire someone to do it ALL for you, for ever and ever, happily every after.

There is another way!

Of course you need a beautiful, hard-working website. Duh! I can certainly help with that. I also want you to have the know-how and the confidence to be able to update it – to add products, testimonials, blog posts, sales pages, new images… I want to educate and empower you to take control of your website content.

I’ll ensure that you can do all this and without causing any blemishes – or catastrophic failure – of your website! You won’t need to know code. Right now, you may not know how to crop a photograph. I will teach you to D.I.Y only what you need to know.

She also prepares clients to take the reigns once she's built them a beautiful site


I've worked with Katy for over a year now and am consistently impressed with her ability to educate the Girls in The Girls Guide to Web Design Facebook forum - and in turn, her clients. Not only does she provide her clients with great looking websites, she also prepares them to take the reigns once she's built them a beautiful site. Her tutorials are clearly written, super helpful, and written in English, not tech-speak! With her guidance, I've seen the Girls - and her clients - take control of their websites and confidently move around in WordPress. Katy really is the whole package!

Stephanie Cleary
Malya Rosa

A Tall Poppies partnership includes:

Your brand new unique, custom designed WordPress website, with all the bells and whistles you need on your site to flaunt your business.

The icing on the cake: You will also be granted access to a customized library of short video tutorials that show you how to update these ‘bells and whistles’.  There’s no time limit for you to watch and learn. When you wake up one day in the future and decide you need a new image on your home page, or when a new love note from a client lands in your inbox, the videos are ready and waiting for you to follow along.

Katy is the total package, and then some. She will make you shine online!

"Katy is the total package, and then some. She will make you shine online!" - Amanda Aiken, Girls Guide to Web Design

Katy is a rare gem. The rarest kind, in fact - like an ultra-exotic diamond that's only ever been unearthed in one particular corner of a tiny little island in a far-flung part of the world. 🙂

Not only is Katy an amazingly talented and creative designer, she is also deeply committed to empowering her clients with the strategic tidbits and personalized training that make running their websites easier, more fun, and MUCH more successful. Her patience and caring nature shine through in everything that she does, and she brings marketing and SEO knowledge to the table that your "average designer" simply doesn't have.

Katy is the total package, and then some. She will make you shine online!

A Tall Poppies Design custom designed site is a perfect fit for you if…

  • You’re a first timer: Do you need a brand new website or blog? (Custom designs from $6000)
  • It’s time for a divorce: Do you already have a website but feel it’s not working out? (from $6000)
  • You’re interested in a Ménage à trois: Are you – or are you partnered with – a super-fabulous designer who is designing your site, and you’re in need a WordPress developer (from $3000)?
  • It’s complicated. Spill all the gory details when you contact me!

A custom designed site may not be ideal for you…

Did you get this far down the page, and your heart sank when you read the starting prices? You know that the Tall Poppies rates are legit, and you know in your heart-of-hearts that we deliver far more value than you could even imagine, but perhaps you just can’t afford a custom design right now. If that’s the case, check-out my ASAP website product. It’s perfect to get you up and running, cheaply and quickly.


Are we a match made in heaven?

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