I am giddy sitting here going through my site. I'm so in love.

I think you really took my vision and boat-load of copy and created a very cohesive, well-organized, and f-ing gorgeous site.
Jamey Jones, Copywriter

I felt like it mattered to you just as much as it mattered to me!

The final product is incredible and the response I have gotten to the site has been incredible. And the metrics! With my previous site I would have the occasional person join my email list. Now not a week goes by without lots of people signing up!
Emily McMahon, Evolving-Parents.com

I just wish I would have done this 5 years ago!

You are a frickin' rock star. You are tenacious in your desire to make sure everything is viewing properly, functioning correctly. You have tremendous pride in your work, and you hold yourself to a higher standard than even the one I had.
Kenny Reisman, Mindful Life

My list has grown by leaps and bounds!

Working with Katy was effortless and comforting and the end result (squee!!)  mind-blowingly elegant and powerful. She listened and helped me clarify my offerings. Run—don't walk—to Tall Poppies!
Sarah Seidelmann, FollowYourFeelGood.com

I really feel like the sky is the limit and my business is free to grow!

I love her blend of creative genius, organization geek, and marketing know-how. I could have just received a website but Katy gave me an experience that enhanced my business.
Dana Da Ponte

It's a great tool force me to stop playing small.

I expected you to build me a beautiful website, but I didn't expect you to also be a business development coach. You pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I'm so happy that you did.
Jennifer DeMaagd

Such a joy to work with!

I've worked with a bunch of web designers in the past, and none of them really 'got it.’ The exact opposite was true when I worked with you. It's amazing when you find people who care about what they do as much as you do. You truly care about what you are putting out there to represent other people and their businesses.
Heather K. Terry, Business Mentor, Author, Investor

“Overwhelming approval from our entire team!”

“Overwhelming approval from our entire team!”

Someone even said ‘YES!!!’ from the back of the room when we unveiled the new design. We are very excited about the interactive way the solutions are laid out on the site. I couldn’t believe how clean, light and fresh our new website looks!
Laine Discepoli, Director of Marketing

“Our Website is So Sleek and Smart! Get ready to go to the next level!

“Our Website is So Sleek and Smart! Get ready to go to the next level!

The impact has been enormous! Katy and her team not only deliver on your projects but they push you to think bigger too. They ask great questions and really get to the bottom of what you are needing and most importantly, why.”
Jen H., VP of Marketing, Sales

“Katy is not only an excellent designer but also very responsive and creative

“Katy is not only an excellent designer but also very responsive and creative"

“Tall Poppies Design is savvy in listening to a professional's vision and translating that into a great website that customers will enjoy. Now I have a beautiful, clean, professional brand and website that expresses who I am!”
Patricia Omoqui, CEO

"I had twice the amount of clients in the first week my site was live!"

"I was blown away by the website that the team at Tall Poppies Design created for me. Katy and her team took the time to inform me well and make sure I got the site how I wanted it. The ongoing support and web traffic optimization are game-changers!"

Meg Reynolds, Vedic Meditation Teacher