Super-Vision VIP Day

Let's Build a Customer Scoring System

For every life coach, course creator or marketer who’s ever dreamed about knowing who's hot (to buy from you, that is) and who's not. Let us build you a beautiful lead-scoring spreadsheet that supervises which subscribers are engaging with your content the most.

We are currently re-designing this page. While we work our magic, please keep reading. If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your marketing funnels, book a 15-minute meet n' greet call...

Did you know…

Your hottest leads are right in front of you, waiting for you to get them across the finish line. Do you know who they are?

Smart marketers map their customer journey.
They understand how people find their content.
The journey they take from browser to buyer.

Brilliant marketers take it a step further.

They verify their leads. They know who’s clicking on what, where, and when. Who’s closest to saying ‘yes.’

And, most importantly, how to move their best leads to take action.

The result:

⇒ Data-driven live launches
⇒ Improved evergreen sales
⇒ Lower marketing costs
⇒ Higher conversions

The Super–Vision Lead Scoring System tracks your customers all in one Google Sheet from all your favorite digital marketing platforms. It’s fully customizable based on your marketing priorities.

Here's how Super-Vision saves you time and money

Monitor your best leads all in one place

Perfect for live launches or evergreen programs. Gather your best leads all in a Google Sheet. Yes, that's right. No fancy software required.

See what landing pages they joined your list from, if they registered for your webinar—and whether they actually showed up—and, in turn, what emails they clicked on. We score them for each action they take so that you can reach out personally to the hottest leads and make more sales.

Measure Facebook lead quality

Are you generating leads from Facebook, but not sure if their quality is good enough? Do Facebook ads even work for you or are you wasting money on crappy leads?

You can improve lead quality (more important than quantity!) when you know how to track and analyze the right metrics. To do that, you need to be able to see what your leads do after they join your list. When you score them, it becomes blatantly clear whose hot and who's not.

Measure email subscriber value

When you know what marketing campaign a subscriber came from–AND what emails they clicked on—you will finally know:

  • Your most profitable list-building tactics.
  • Your real conversion rates.
  • How much each email subscriber is worth.

And, best of all, you can then determine how much you should spend on marketing campaigns to get new subscribers in the future.

Optimize email sequences

With the Super-Vision lead scoring system, you can track which emails your leads are interacting with. Quickly and easily see which emails your sales or bookings are coming from. And which emails are wasting everyone's time.

Organizations using a lead scoring system experience a 77% increase in lead generation ROI
Marketing Sherpa {source}

Here's How Your Super-Vision Sprint Roles Out:

Step 1 - The Discovery & Data Phase

Apply for your sprint and secure your date. Before your VIP Day, we’ll help you collect information about your funnel and ensure access to your digital marketing accounts. We’ll meet at the start of your VIP Day to align on lead-scoring goals and desired outcomes.

Step 2 - The Design Phase

Through a series of triggers and tests, we’ll take you from a list of faceless clicks and email addresses to a beautifully designed, dynamic Google spreadsheet that highlights your best leads. See the parts of your funnel people are most interacting with and who’s interacting with them the most.

Step 3 - The Development Phase

We’ll meet again at the end of your Sprint and then let the optimization begin! Your new system puts you in the driver’s seat of your business. Review and update content that isn’t performing. Reach out to leads who’ve shown interest, but haven’t taken action.

LIVE Launch Follow-Up Call.

We’ll meet before (or during) your next live launch to show you how to work with your new Lead Scoring System to optimize on the go.

Forget the complex and expensive software. Let us set you up with an easy-to-manage Lead Scoring System that delivers ROI again and again.

Let's Get Super-Vision!

Lead Scoring System Sprints are $1500 for high-touch, data-driven, strategy and support.

Let's see if we are a good fit!